Our comapny trades food in bulk. Frequently we have to blend/mix items to a new item. The item journal works OK, except for one thing: every blend causes a loss, meaning a certain write-off on the original value and/or amount of the items. Ideally we would transfer the original items to the new item and post a certain amount to the G/L as blending/mixing costs. However, it seems impossible to post to a G/L account directly in the Item journals. The solution we’ve implemented is an Item called “Blending losses” - not very elegant as the inventory of this item is a mess. Reconciliation with the G/L at the year-end is not a thing our accountants like. We use W1.2.60A with, as far as I know, no mods in the Inventory part of the system. Anybody any ideas on this? Thanks a lot.

Hello, I suggest that you ask your NSC to show you 3.70. Navision now has both an “Item Revaluation Journal” and “Charge (Items)” that may be added to, say, purchase invoices, to post additional costs to items. I would investigate this as a starting point to see if moving to 3.70 will fit your needs.

sounds like process manufacturing to me. You need a BOM with yield calculations. You may be able to design a simple bom to handle your problem. The WIP problem can be a nightmare. You may have to learn to live with the problem or be prepared to spend money to fix it.

Hello, John - BOM is not in our license, so I can’t figure that one out. Edward - is this purely 3.70 or is some of this functionality available in 3.60? I can get hold of a demo of 3.60, but not yet of 3.70.

Hello, With regards to the BOM journal, you should be able to get hold of a demo copy of 2.60 with a demo licence & database to try this out. With regards to the Item Revaluation Jnl & Item Charges, these exist in 3.60, but I would not move to 3.60 as 3.70 is far, far more stable. I am very suprised that you cannot get a demo version of 3.70 in the Netherlands, given that it has been available for quite a while. You should ask your NSC for one. If they cannot get you a Microsoft branded CD, ask them to burn you a copy to evaluate. If all else fails, I think that you can download a copy of the world wide demo version from the webpage (It is down at the moment, but should be back up soon).

Hello Edward, Version 3.60 CD was on my desk, 3.70 was not. But I have downloaded it from mibuso - thanks for the tip. As of the Item (charge): I suppose when I insert an (internal) Purchase Order for item C (the blend) with an Item Charge “Blending Loss” with appropriate posting groups, I have got to balance it with a Sales Order for Item A and Item B (the raw materials). But this scenario is also possible with a direct post in the PO to the G/L account Blending Loss. So my first reaction would be: whether with the Item (Charge) or without, this scenario can always be implemented. But, I still can’t imagine Navision having no facility for posting losses during a production process (which blending is of course).



But, I still can’t imagine Navision having no facility for posting losses during a production process

It does - use Production BOM’s and routing - dependng upon your actual requiremets these modules and granules should meet your needs. No promises though [:D]

Hi, I am entirely unfamiliar with the BOM part of Navision (nice one for the next weekend [;)]But a blended item, call it again A, can also be purchased as a “base” item A. What I understand of the BOM is that an item is either a BOM or it isn’t. So, I don’t know if this additional requirement messes up your idea?

Not at all you can make a BOM or purchase one - if you purchase it it will be the finished item booke din, if you manufacture it it is the finished item booked in and the components removed from stock.

Steven, indeed you were right about the BOM/Item solution. But, I think this scenario is too complex for what we are trying to achieve. Although it works, I think we will modify the system to post losses to the G/L directly when mixing two items. Thanks for all your support in this.