Blank field


Which symbol is used to filter a blank field from the list??


but, its not working…

What is the datatype of field?

the list is the name of the customer


try “” or " ", this should work



no its also not working…

Are you trying it on list or via code?

it should work ‘’

I m at list of customers

then press f7

there i enter “” or " "

but its not working…

Did you select Name field before pressing F7


Are you using RTC or Classic ???

yes Mohana,

Classic Amol

Can you show us the screenshot?

Note that we are talking about the entering of two times ’

and not "

Thus if we added imaginary spaces you have to enter: < > ’ ’

on my Danish keyboard the ’ is placed just to the left of my Enter key…


What you are expecting ?

’ ’ should work and it is working

Click on a blank field & hit F7 - you will see the characters you need

thank you Tvis

now it is working…

Why was it not working till now?

bcoz i m using " in place of ’ '(seprately)