Bitmap resolution

Hi: I’m trying to create a report with a series of bitmap graphics that print “white letters on black background” for a “nicer” looking invoice. However, the resolution that the bitmaps print in is very “jagged” looking. I contacted support, and they gave me this response: ----------------------------- “Bitmap pictures (*.bmp) are normally stored as a direct representation of the pixels on screen. Each pixel is represented by one (2, 16 or 256 colors), three (16 million colors, 24 bits) or four (32 bits color, 24 bits used) bytes in the file. This is called the RGB or raw bitmap. Bitmap pictures may be compressed also, then the Run-Length Encoding (RLE) compression method is used. Navision can read both types of bitmaps into a BLOB field and show these in a picturebox. However when printed, the bitmap is still shown in the screenresolution, which is quite ugly. Yet, it may come as a surpise, but Navision really is capable of using the much higher resolution of the printer. The only thing needed to know is the actual resolution of the bitmap. Here comes a feature in that is hardly known: a bitmap can have its resolution set to a distinct value! If you would look up the specification of bitmaps ( for info on about any thinkable file format) you would see that up from offset 26 (hexadecimal) the actual size for horizontal and vertical resolution can be set. The calculation value is rather funny - its measured in pixels per meter… ! Unfortunately, most -if not all- graphic editing programs do not store this resolution setting into the bmp file. But when you know the position in the file and the values to enter, you can do that yourself quite easily. What you need is a hex-editor to modify files directly. A fine freeware editor, AXE, is available at Load the bmp file, put the cursor at byte 26 (hexadecimal) and enter 23 2e 00 00 23 2e 00 00 to set 300 dpi resolution, or enter 46 5c 00 00 46 5c 00 00 for 600 dpi. Use a flexible graphics editor like Paint Shop Pro 6.0 to create the pictures, using the inches or cm setting to size the picture at the resolution intended. Save it as RLE compressed bmp (saves lots of space), then edit the resolution as described above.” -------------------- Does anyone know if Navision simply will automatically recognize the higher resolution if the file is encoded properly? Or do I have to do anything to enable the enhanced resolution? TIA Ron

I guess we should look for John Tegelaar. I guess he’s got some info on this issue. Take a look at the tools section, as John wrote a nice little tool for this. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Ehh, somebody knocking? :slight_smile: The answer to Ron’s question is quite straightforward: Set the resolution and Navision does the rest. However, PaintShop Pro does NOT save the resolution in the BMP files, neither in raw or RLE compressed. In fact, there are very few programs that saves the BMP resolution (believe Corel is one of those). You have two options to use high resolution pictures on your printouts. 1) Save it as JPG or GIF picture and use the little on-the-fly convertor as found in the tools section of this forum. 2) Use bitmaps (always save these in RLE compressed format to save space) and set the correct resolution using the Bitmap Resolution Convertor program as found in the download section of John

Corel Draw does support bitmap resolution. You can size your drawing or text to a desired measurement, then save it as a bitmap, and then import to Navision. It comes out on the paper exactly the same way as the original Corel drawing. Not to mention, that you can also choose the resolution for your printer (i.e. 600x600). The HTML version of such report would look horrendous, but that is another issue.