Bitmap field


I want to find the dimensions for a bitmap image(that is width and height for that image) in ax 2009.Can anyone help me in this.



Look at Image.height() and width(). If you have the image as binary data in a table field, use Image.setData() to load it to an Image instance.


Thank you for your solution.I got the image width and height.Thru that values I am validating.That is if the image size is grater than 40,width is greater than 300 and height is 200 I asked to throw the error.It is working well.But it is saving the image in another form after throwing the error.This should not happen.That is there is one form in that one button called photo after clicking that one form is opening and there I am browsing for a photo.That time only I am throwing the error based upon the size validations.But when i am closing it is updating in the first form of photo column.This updation should not happen,How to avoid this updation.