BinContent.FINDFIRST Error

Hi all…

I have a local variable 'FromBinContent ’ inside a function.

Name DataType Subtype Length
FromBinContent Record Bin Content



Second line gives me this error

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
The Bin Content already exists.
Identification fields and values:
Location Code=‘WHITE’,Bin Code=‘W-01-0003’,Item No.=‘TEST2’,Variant Code=’’,Unit of Measure Code=‘PCS’,
Category=’’,Family=’’,Bin Ranking='90’

Can anyone please explain me how this can occur?

The error will come when you are inserting the record and not retrieving.

Please check once again.

Buffered inserts can cause this situation. With buffered inserts, the records are not written to the database at the time of the INSERT command but rather buffered in memory. The attempt to read the table with the FINDSET command forces the records to be written to the physical table. It’s that process that results in the error. Thus why the error occurs with the FINDSET.

How can we find if any Buffer records are in memory? Is there any way without going through all the coding?