Bin inventory mismatch in navision


We use navision for last 4 years.We use WMS (Directed Put Away and Pick) enabled location and transfer orders for item movement one location to another.

now we are facing mismatch in warehouse entries and ledger entries for some items.anybody know how it arrive and how to avoid this?

Please help.Thanks in advance


This may help you.

Hello Ayrus

Thank you for your support.

I have an item ‘ON-001-050’ with -3(minus three) item ledger entry value and zero warehouse entry.

Could you explain, how can I enter this information in Whse. Item Journal.

1.What will be the data on Zone code, Bin Code, Quantity

2.As per link, I have deleted the values in To Zone Code and To BIN Code. but system will not allow without this data

Could you please help me to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance