Bill of lading printing wrong time in finance and operations 7.3


i am printing bill of lading report from Loads screen, but its printing wrong time 4 hours ahead of my current time.

How will this time on top populate in WHSBillofLading report? where do i need to check which class or table is this time assigned in.




I found that time is coming from ssrs report &Execution time so its printing server time but i want to print my local time, is there any expression in ssrs that can set my system time not server time. want to replace "=Globals!ExecutionTime " with some expression which fetchs system time.

try to add Offset for the Time.

Thanks, again the nproblem is its printing accurate time in my local dev VM but in production its 4 hr ahead. Can anyone please suggest any solution for this.

My dev machines are in my local time, may be our servers in utc time but how do i change it to get local time in production because it is ssrs report printing nothing in x++ coding