Biggest advantages of NAV 5.0 versus NAV 3.7


Can someone give me in a (brief) summary the most importants differences (read: advantages) of Dynamics NAV 5.0 versus Navision 3.7 ?



In Download section check this document NAV 3.7 to 5.0 Feature Enhancements -

Besides Prepayment all not that features probably one of the biggest improvements in SQL performance.

Besides prepayments, other improves I got really feedback from customers are:

Unapply cash receipt
Partial application of payments
Reverse transaction
Document Linking

I would say the most important one for existing customer is costing and traceability of it.

[^o)] How so? Navision 3.7b was pretty good in terms of costing and traceability of it.

Yes Kitting has been missed a lot previously. But also please be aware that Kitting is not included in all country versions!

Analysis by Dimensions
XML Ports
Business Notification

Are a few more off the top of my head not already mentioned.