Best Practies for Invoice Posting in AP or AR

In Invoice Posting,shall the logistics do post AP invoices once they received the goods and later finance will receive invoice and review such posted invoice ?
if not what is the advice when it comes to big amount of received invoices ?
same Question should apply to AR.
what’s the recommendations ?

It varies sometime from business to business, but the recommended way is to post the receiving separately by the receiving/warehouse guy and invoice by finance people.

Ideally receiving should be posted first and then invoicing so that you can retain 3 way matching but on the other hand, the imports (Purchase from foreign countries) may need to be received and invoiced prior to receiving the physical good.


Dear Kathrin,

it depend on the company policy and business process.

basically the receiver have to receive items and post the product receipt and they ahve to submit product receipt to inventory control department or you can even say invoicing matching department which works under finance department.

they check the price and match the supplier invoice with the product receipt which they have received from receiver and then post the invoice.

after this the finance department comes in the picture when they have to clear the amount of the supplier.