Best Books for AX


What are the best books for AX? I am interested in the books that describe Design and Business Logic from conceptual point of veiw. I want to know Business model and reference to system design (clases, types, …) that release this model.

To understand the programming language try:

Its also free :slight_smile:

Managing your supply chain using dynamics AX is pretty good on how supply chain management can be controlled through AX.

Another useful (nice intro) to AX is:

Which is written by the Microsoft Dynamics Development Team!

Hope that helps

Hi Valentin,

  1. For data model info, if you haven’t already done so refer to this document -

  2. You might also want to read ‘Inside MS Dynamics Ax 4.0’ ebook which is available for free in MS website. Google with ‘Download Dynamics Ax 4.0 book’ for link.

Though they both refer to Ax 4.0, there are loads of valuable information applicable in DAX 2009 as well.


Thanks Harish,

Data Model is very good… This is what i was looking for. I need also good description of classes - i mean how the database structure relate to classes.

What is the best book for this?