best backup solution

Window Server Backup Software

We have a running many windows server 2012 R2. Apparently, MS’s built-in software is sub-par, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what we should use.

From what Google and multiple sites say, Ahsay software is superior , but honestly I’m not sure where to begin with this.
Any Suggestion?

Start by putting together a list of the features and performance levels you would need from such a system. Also have an idea on your budget. Notice I said system and not software. As ultimately the solution is a combination of software and the hardware on which it runs. With both contributing to the success of the system.

Once you have your list and target budget, you can begin your research. Don’t rely simply on vendor’s sales handouts. Do some research. Asking for opinions on forums is one method to gather information. But the questions need to be more focused to solicit valuable responses.

On vendor performance claims, pay attention to the equipment they used to achieve the benchmarks. Does it reflect the systems on which you would use the software? It rarely does. Many venders produce benchmarks using systems that are much larger and costlier than they typical real-world installation. So, as they say, performance may vary.