Begynder forum?


Findes der et forum hvor det er tilladt at stille absolut dumme begynder spørgsmål om NAV 2013?

Mvh Thomas

Undskyld for det sene svar, men det må du gøre alle steder, dvs. afhængig af om det er om selve brugen af NAV, så er det NAV End User Forum, er det udvikling/design orienteret så Developer Forum. Er det om konfiguration, installation, SQL og den slags, så Technical Forum.


every question is ok! in mine opinion there are no silly or stupid questions.

this and a couple other nav forums are also for beginners. in general it’s a good thing to learn by asking questions and getting answers from experienced users/developers. it’s fine, that in this forum there is in general a good athomsphere, means, that you get friendly and helpful answers. i know forums, where i cannot say that. so … start questioning. if you write your question to the nav forum in english you reach more people, get more answers.

We recently closed down the specific language forums, so Danish (or other languages) is now allowed in all forums.

In the time of Google translate etc. then language is not as big an issue as before. But as Jonathan suggest, then if you post your question in English, then you will also reach more people and get more answers.

The NAV Beginners forum is for all the questions about NAV you may think is to “easy” to ask somewhere else. And if it should happen that you post into a “wrong” forum, then just relax. Our helpful moderators will then be able to move the post to the correct forum.

PS: Didn’t know you were reading Danish, Jonathan! [:)] Or did you also use Google Translate?

you’re right, i use google translator. no big thing, translations are quite good. :smiley: