beginner's problem for manufacturing reports

hi, all. when i want to view some manufacturing reports, nothing is displayed. no matter what production order i select, the reports, Gantt Chart, or Calculation, or Detailed Calculation, are empty. why? what seeting i missed?

When Doing the Gannt chart make sure you have the right setting for Starting dates and the Period. THis can be tricky. as the standard Bicycle can only give you a chart for less than 100 mins which is not visible in the report and the report minimum preiod is Days.

i think the setting of starting date and the period is correct. but the report still shows nothing.

Are the production orders released and the BOM certified?? Regards,

Have a look in Cronus It shows released production orders with associated routings and output/consumption against the order, as well as planned production orders with no output/consumption (although with no Gannt information [:D]). So the obvious question - does the item you have on the produciton order have routing?

thanks for your reply. yes, this item has routing. actually, i have produced this item. but no reports show anything, even i generated simulated production order, or planned production order, or firm planned production order, or finished production order. :frowning:

I presume you posted output and consumption journals for the finished order? The report help states it is for “ongoing” production orders, so I presume a coded filter is in place to prevent certain types appaering on teh report - logically finished would be one [:D]

Hi Shekar, If you have already posted this production order then you gantt chart will not display anything as the Prod. order capacity need table will be Knocked off by your Output Posting. try some thing for an Unposted order.

Finally, I get something to view. The strange thing is, e.g., in production order tab of Gantt Chart screen, if I select nothing at Status and No. field filter, then I click preview button, I get a report to view. But if I select a status at Status filter, e.g. firm planned, then I click the look-up button of No., I always get a list of simulated PO. Even I manually key in the No. of firm planned PO in this filter, then I click the preview button, I get nothing. No matter what status I select, at the No. filter, I always get the list of simulated PO. I think maybe this is the problem.

If you print the manufacturing reports from the print button of the Production order (eg. Released production order), it will preset the filter information for the status and production order number. If you try and print manufacturing reports from the reports menu, the error that you encountered with defaulting to the list of the simulated production orders occurs. This is a known bug in Navision, and has been there since version 3.10A, but still has not been fixed.[:I]

delete the .zup file,then try it again. let us know your result. :slight_smile:

Hi Austin, Deleting the zup file will not help. Like Margie mentioned the report resets the filter at the point of execution. Instead you can use the capacity Gantt chart report in the CRP reports for the gantt chart. Try using a filter in that report.

this is a bug. i confirmed with Navision. so we only can view the report by clicking the “Print” button at the production order screen. :slight_smile: