Beginner - How to get a copy of MS Dynamics AX 2009 software for learning

Hi All,

I am currently working as a Java Programmer, recently I find my interest towrds MS Dynamics AX,

I just started learning from “Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 2nd edition book” but to practice x++ programming and use knowledge of Marph IT IDE, I don’t have software, I searched on google but no where I get.

Can somebody please help me to find, and I don’t have access as a Parentsource from Microsoft.

Is this the software helpful to practise or any other options

Thanks in advance.

Hi Praveen,

This topic was discussed in this forum already. Please search this forum before you post [:)]

If you don’t have access to CustomerSource or PartnerSource, you can try to download from MSDN. Otherwise if you attend a course on Dynamics Ax, perhaps you might get a copy of the software.

Good luck with your learning!

Best wishes,