Begineer: Display Table Data in Forms

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I would like to seek some explanation on my issue, attach are screen shots for reference


Issue: I need to show all three data into Bong_Data.

Please advice.



How (if) did you join Bong_Data to the data source displayed in the grid? Did you set up any relation between them?

And do you really want to display that in the same grid? For example, if you want want to inner join SalesQuotationTable and Bong_Data and show them in a single grid, you’ll see one SalesQuotationTable several times (once for every related record in Bon g_Table),

Hi Martin,

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Relating to your question:
How (if) did you join Bong_Data to the data source displayed in the grid? Did you set up any relation between them?

Answer as below screen shot:

Am i answering your question ?



Anyone ?

It did answer the question whether you’re aware of relations and joins. Because you didn’t get my question, you probably don’t have any idea about these things. So let’s start from the very beginning. You have a new table and you want to link it with an existing table. What’s the table you want to link to? And how? For example, is your goal to have several salesPIC values per sales quotation?

Can you also answer my previous question regarding your intended display?

Hi Martin,

Thanks again for replying.

Yes. I’ve no idea where to start and neither have idea about those things, as we’re just tapping into database recently. I’ll list it like that:

  1. Created a new table Bong_Table in AOT>Data Dictionary>Bong_Table.xpo.

  2. Went to Forms>SalesQuotationProjTable>Data Sources>Right Click>New Data Source1185.askform4.PNG:

  3. Design>Group:Table>Tab:TabHeader>TabPage:TabHeaderOverview>Grid:GridHeader>Added>StringEdit:Bong_test. And included DataSource: Bong_Data with DataField: salesPIC

I just intend to add a New Control into the form.

I would appreciate every guide this forum provides. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



Hi Bong CS,

U need to define relation in table level. On your case, Bong_Data table only having 1 field to update. are u saying u want to merge 3 information in 1 field?


Hi Imran,

Nice to meet you [Hard to meet Malaysians here].

  1. How to define ralation in table level ?

  2. Yes i want to merge 3 information in 1 field.



Hi Imran,

Im following the below instruction:

If you want to concatenate values from several records to a single field, you will need a piece of code creating the composite value and somehow display this values.

You could use a display method for this purpose, but it sounds like a bad design, because if you can have unlimited number of records in Bong_Data, you would have to be able to build and display a string of unlimited length (or to ignore some data). If there are more than a few values, it’s also very uncomfortable for users.

A better approach is using a separate grid with related records.

We can’t explain how to make the relation unless you tell us what’s the parent table and what is its logical relationship with Bong_Data.