Before you post your first question

Hi all,

Before you post please search to see if the questions has been asked before and answered already.

If you can’t find an answer please post in the correct forum, please ensure that your subject is valid and not something like “Help me”, or “Hi”.

A subject line like “Error 1255 in Module 19 while running the Inventory Valuation Report” would be an example of a great subject line.

If you do get an answer to your question please:

  1. Mark the question as “answered” if it is, or explain that the response did not resolve the problem, and provide more details if necessary. (“answered” option is top right of the post)
  2. Provide at least some sort of feedback to people that answer your questions, they take their own time to help others develop their skills and it’s nice to let them know you appreciate their help.
  3. Rate the post.
    To get a really good response I recommend you
  4. Provide as much detail as you can
  5. Provide code snippets
  6. Explain exactly what it is you want the achieve
  7. If your getting an error, provide the exact error message.

That’s all, just normal stuff really, enjoy the forum [:D]