BC "team member" license - custom tables

From MS: “Business Central Team Members application module may be customised with maximum 15 additional tables (custom tables or standard Dataverse tables) available to the Business Central Team Members license.”


(1) Does this mean there is a maximum of 15 new custom tables total?? If we create a 16th table, then team members will not function? Or is it focused on the function that the team member is performing? Or, do you explicitly assign table numbers to a team member license?

(2) For those 15 tables, do they have total control - read, modify, insert, delete?

Yes, the maximum is 15 additional tables, including both custom and standard Dataverse tables. Creating a 16th table may affect team members’ functionality. Tables are not explicitly assigned to licenses but are limited by the license’s capabilities.vYes, team members have full control over the 15 tables. They can perform read, modify, insert, and delete operations on these tables within the Business Central Team Members license’s allowed functionality.