BC online sandbox to Live server

Hello All,

I have develop some reports in BC Online sandbox, now I want to deploy it in Live, so what is the procedure? Is any document available for this process?

Thanks in Advance.

you can publish extensions using powershell

obviously you can also use extension management and upload the app file

Thanks Imran, I am doing by second option. But I want is there any other way by which I can deploy single single object? with .aap file upload version maintaining is very

Hi Nikitha,

Nobody said it was easy! [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

But no, you cannot deploy a single object. Only a full extension, or nothing at all. So you finish your development and tests in the sandbox, before you install in production.

Thanks Erik.

Personally I do not like this part. If in emergency I need to deploy a object to LIVE and my other work is not finished in sandbox, then what to do? Old NAV is very much flexible in this case.

Well, that is just how it works. We have been in a very nice development environment for many years with a Development and deployment environment where NAV was the only “program” avaiable.

Today when you deploy some code, it can affect a lot of other systems, and other systems are dependent of your code. So it is fair to say…that we need to do a full deploy of a package. Your only option is to create each report as a package/extension.

As Erik says, nobody said it was easy, and what nav is currently experiencing is that it is doing development like any other systems.

Many more changes to development are coming in the next few months - most of them are going to break almost every single extension that you do today. The days of Simplicity are over.

I wouldn’t say that the days of simplicity are over. I don’t think it’s complex or difficult to work with Extensions, it’s different.

But what is over, is the way we as NAV developers have been able to, and sometimes did, fix our errors directly in production! We need to start looking at AL development like any other software development. Part of that means you test before you install in production.

Hotfixing always means releasing a new version of your extension, to be published and installed to the production database.