BC doesn’t allow zero price

I need a convenient way to work around this BC doesn’t allow zero price on line items. For several reasons our sales people need to be able to charge whatever or nothing for line items. In our current system Salepad/GP we have an All for the some of item type for a total price.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

I’m assuming that BC means Business Central and therefore I moved this question to the Business Central/NAV forum.

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Business Central does not prevent you from Posting a Sales Line with a Zero Unit Price. Typically a better approach would be to leave the Unit Price alone and adjust the Line Discount %. If you want the price to be zero, set the discount % to be 100.

There is also a setting in the Sales & Rec. Setup which controls whether that discount is posted to the discount GL Account, which I think it should so you can audit what discounts are being granted.

What are you seeing in BC when you set the Unit Price to zero? You may have a customization or extension that is preventing you. This would be something to raise to your partner so they can help you identify the reason.

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Ben Baxter
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Hi Ben,
regarding to your information - I tried to set everything up in the sandbox (demo) and got the same issue. As I am using zero as sales price or using the 100% discount - both doesn’t work.

Any simple workaround? Kind regards, Tom

Unfortunately, I can’t read your column headings, but I am thinking this might be part of the localization for your country. My test was done in the US version and it does not prevent me from entering a Price = $0.00 line and posting.

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I can second what Ben is saying. The US version will not prevent a zero prince on a sales order.

Thomas, do you get any specific error message?

Morning, I am in the UK and we have the same issue. And its a real problem for us.
Was there a positive outcome anyone please?

Rebecca and Thomas,

I have a US, CA, and UK database. All 3 work as outlined. I enter an Item with a Unit Price Excl. VAT (that is my setup). I add 100% for a Line Discount. The Line Amount Excl. VAT shows blank. I try Preview Posting and I see all my entries no error.

My databases are CRONUS so they have no customization effecting the standard functionality. Have you tried testing all this in CRONUS?