Hi, I want the AX to select the batch number automatically from the available batch number,

For Example, Item R is Raw Material which is batch number enabled, i have stock of R with batch number 1,

R is the Raw material of Finished Goods “F”

When i make RAF for F, I want AX to take 1 as Batch number by default,




I guess this feature is not available in AX. You may need to customize it.


To make the finished product to have the same lot number than its raw material is not something that automatically can be achieved with standard functionallity.

If this is what you want to achive… Why do you want to do so? If you want the FP to have the same batch number as the raw material, I’m thinking that you may want that for traceability purposes, but with the standard traceability function that AX has you will easily see the batch numbers used in the FP. In the example you gave, batch number ‘1’ was supposed to be created by AX or is your supplier batch? If it was created within AX maybe the last example I put below may fit you…

Batch numbers are unique for each item, so if “R” has batch number 1, this batch number is not going to be available for “F” unless you manually create and assign it


Make the FP to have the same batch number sequence as the raw material (raw material is FIFO), but this will not guarantee you that the FP is going to have the same batch number than the raw material every RAF (unless you are 100% sure that one batch of raw material is going to be completely used to manufacture one batch of the FP) in this 1 on 1 case, if you start the number sequence for the raw material at the same time of the first RAF of the FP you should have something simmilar to what you are looking for.

For instance, I have modeled for the RM to have the batch nbr group seq. as ‘XRM’ #### from 1 to 9999 tha first time you receive it AX will give lot nbr 0001. For the FP to have the batch nbr group seq. as ‘XFP’ #### from 1 to 9999 tha first time you RAF it AX will give lot nbr 0001. So both are going to have the same batch number, but the prerequisites are to start the sequence at the same time, and that on RM batch nbr is going to be depleted by every production order of FP.

Hope you understand me, good luck!

i think Hector, she is asking abour auto select rm batch for picking purpose…

even i’m asking same…let say there are 5 batch of RM is avialabe 1-5, each has qty of 10 total 50

in my fg i want to pick 50 RM,

do i have to crate 5 pick lines for each batch, cant system auto does that…??

System will do it, tick the reservation box on the pick.

but system do reservation of FIFO basis,

i want to select multiple Batch Nos for single pick line

is there any possiblity…system allows me reserve batch nos by my self

You need to go into the “pick” option on the registration and reserve them there. You can also do this on the form before prior to pick.