Batch Processing - Confirm PO and Finalize PO

Hi all, I setup a batch job to run every 5 minutes to confirm approved PO’s and another batch job to finalize PO’s that are invoiced.

Why I’m still seen PO with confirm status since last day? I have in my list several approved orders and several PO invoiced .

Pleas advise

Did the batch finished successfully? Didn’t it logged any interesting infolog mesage? Is the query set to include all orders you want and is Late selection ticked?

Hi Martin, Yes the batch has the “ended” status. However about your next 2 questions, i am not sure what you mean. Please can you details. It’s the first time for me to setup batch jobs so I may have missed something. Thanks for your help.

Any clue? Maybe if someone can give me step by step process, I will see exactly what I missed? Thanks

  1. View batch job history [AX 2012]
  2. Late selection says whether the query should be evaluated every time when the batch runs, which is normally what you want (and therefore it’s wrong if you haven’t ticked it). If it’s the case, you would have already found it if you actually analyzed the query (which is exactly what you should do after checking logs and setup).
    You’ll find Late selection on the posting dialog (e.g. Accounts receivable > Periodic > Sales update > Invoice in AX 2012).