Batch Processing AX4

Hi I am struggling a bit. Got the whole batch setup done have all the code ready. Created a group with a reccurance but the batches is not running how can I automate the batch processing ?

The Batch processing form ( > > > ) must be running, i.e. you need an AX client running that form. See more in Processing batch jobs.

Yes but can in not run one the server with no client maybe programatically

Server-side batches are supported in AX2009 and AX2012, not AX4. Programatically… everything can be done, but why? You can start Batch processing by a startup command and start AX by task scheduler - it still requires AX client, but it’s fully automated.

For pure server-side jobs, upgrade your AX. :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

Can you point me towards any example of starting batch processing on startup for AX4.0? I’ve dug around google, while also attempting to figure it out myself but haven’t had any luck.

I appreciate any help you can provide.


Nevermind, I figured it out.

For those who are interested:

Create classs \Classes\SysStartupCmdBatchRun: (it may exist)

class SysStartupCmdBatchRun extends SysStartupCmd
protected boolean canRun()
return hasMenuItemAccess(menuitemactionstr(BatchRun), MenuItemType::Action);
void infoRun()
BatchRun batchRun = new BatchRun();

In \Classes\SysStartupCmd there should be a switch statement. Add:

case ‘batch’:
sysStartupCmd = new SysStartupCmdBatchRun(s,parm);

Run the AX client with: Ax32.exe -startupCmd=batch