Batch order, Purchase order relation

Hi everybody,

I’m watching in the PurchLine table (Contoso AX 2012 R3) that some purchase lines are related in the InventRefId column with a batch order. I asume that the purchase line is linked with that particular production requirement.

I tried to replicate the same behaviour doing Explotion from a sales order and from a producton order, for the raw materiales used in my formula, but couldn’t get the same result.

Can anybody tell me if this is feasible and how?


I’m wondering if InventRefId only gets set if you use inventory ‘Marking’. Is it the case that your Purchase order lines are created by Master Planning, and when firming the Planned Purchase Orders you have Marking turned on?

Marking is set as Standard from Master Planning parameters.

I have created several other ítems, with same parameters as the one that was giving me problems in the formula, all of them populated the field without problem, I don´t know what was the issue with the first one that was not and is not populating that field… I´ve checked everything and can´t find a difference…

Thanks anyway Guy! I think it works now, I´ll avoid using the first ítem.

I presume it is a standard formula line and not pegged supply?

Yes Adam it is a standard formula line. What you mean with pegged suply?

The line has a type - standard, phantom, vendor or pegged supply.

The type is standard (item)

To be honest as it is Contoso it could simply be the way they force the data in. If you can do it in a database created by you that is a different matter [:D]

Guauu… I´ll do it asap in another database, thanks a lot!