Batch number in production

Hi All

in the production i want to use the batch number, but i want if batch number can be set automatically as when we create the production order the batch number comes automatically.I there any setup through which i can do this. And will automatically assign to the sales order item. Currently i am creating the batch number at production order and then that batch number will assign to sales order item one by one, in this way i am wasting a lot of time and i have lot of entries to make in single day around 300 sales order consist of 10000 lines. Please suggest me how can i reduce the data entry part to speed up the task.


It depends upon the process really, however I recomment you look at the batch number group on the item, you could also use reservations on the sales line if you have stock (this is what I mean about the process)., you could look at using the creation of production from the sales order. You could look at the sales order picking screen and use the batch number group for production. Lots of options really, but the devil is in the detail.

Actually we have the bakery production and what i am doing is, i am booking the sales order and generate the sales order line report on daily basis(as we have 2 delivery per day) then club the item by puuting the pivot table.And after that we make the production order.

Here i am using the batch number while making the production order. Once i done with it then again i have to define the batch number in the sales order at sales line. in this i am consuming a lot of time.

Is it possible to allocate the batch number automatically. And what is the procedure.


If you create the pick lists for all of your orders with the reservation tick box ticked on the pick list creation it will populate the batch number on creation of the pick automatically. You should also look at the sales order release picking function in stock management periodic.

can u explain me transaction wise mean the step and the setup what i have to follow

Simply put you press the posting and picking list and on the top tabs tick the reservation box.

If you want to do thison the sales order pickign screen there are many many options, you run teh select, bring in teh orders, activate the orders based upon set criteria and then process the picking list.