Batch disposition code


I try to use batch disposition code in quality order and follow the procedures in the documentation.

As per documentation, the batch disposition code will be updated from unavailable to available if the result of quality order is Pass.

But after following the procedures, the batch disposition code still remain as unavailable although the result is PASS.

I am using AX2012 R3.

Please can someone help me.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hey Isaiah, I’ve moved this thread to the user forum to get it in front of more people.


Thanks Jake.

Some screenshots would help others to help you, I guess.

Yes Isaiah some more detail will help to know what is going on… do you have this parameter selected?


Hi Hector,
Yes the parameter Update batch disposition is marked in Test group.
I also assign unavailable batch disposition code in item model group.
I follow the procedures in the documentation but still the batch disposition code did not update to available batch disposition code.