Dear Experts, Kindly let me know if there is a possibility to have a BASE UNIT OF MEASUREMENT for every item with convertion set up… For instance… If my unit of measurement for an Item is KG … even if I enter in Lbs (pounds) the system should convert it into KG (cause this is set as base measurement) or atleast ask to enter in KG or ask a promt to convert it into KG??? Is this possible??? Shilpa

Of course this is possible, you define your unit of measures (KG and LBS), then in the item you define KG as Base Unit of Measure and in the Item Units of Measure table (button Item, Units of Measure) you can enter all the conversions you need. The Base UOM has of course 1, the other have the respective conversion factor in the field “Qty. per Unit of Measure”. Anywhere where you use LBS Navision will automatically convert to KG for your item ledger entries, but only during the posting process. In the data entry itself there will always appear LBS. Usually in hidden fields within these forms, Navision calculates the base quantities immediately. Saludos Nils

Nils has hit the nail on the head. I suggest that you work/walk through this with your users before going live as it is possible to set up the Item Unit of Measuer table with incorrect conversions. Also remeber that Navision will accept a blank Unit of Measure.

Jonathan’s comment reminds me of some important aditional comments: 1) As you need to setup the “valid” unit of measure with conversion for each single item, this may be a lot of work if you have to do this manually and if you have a lot of items to handle… 2) The conversion factor is fixed, means these conversion factors cannot be modified for each transaction, e.g. if you have packages that in one ocation may have 10kg and in another ocasion 10.5 kg weight. Saludos Nils

Hi Shilpa, I think most of the things have already cleared. One more thing i would like to add here that once item ledger ledger entry is created for any item its base unit can’t be changed. so select base UOM and conversion UOM carefuly. In Item Unit of measure table, Qty per UOM should be 1 for base unit of measure. Suppose Base UOM is KG. then in item Unit of measure table Code Qty Per Unit of Measure KG 1 LBS (No. of KG in 1 LBS). So any other UOM is always converted with respect to Base UOM. Hope this will sove the purpose. sachin


One more thing i would like to add here that once item ledger ledger entry is created for any item its base unit can’t be changed.

Almost… Once there are no “open” ledger entries, you may change the Base unit of Measure. Nevertheless, I agree with Sachin that the decision of the Base UOM is very, very important and should be very well thought, changing it later on is possible, but should be avoided, more for consistent reporting issues than technical issues. Saludos Nils