Base Enums

Good evening,

I have a question with regards to Base Enums within Dynamics AX Data Dictionary.

When I create a new base enum with 3 elelments the enum values allocated to the element are incremental and automatically allocated.

Does any know if these values need to be incremental i.e. 0,1,2 or can they be for example 7,4,9?

Do AX Standards suggest the value are incremental? The functionalily does not stop me from overwiting the enum values with new values but are there standards recommending that I stick with the values defined by AX?


Why do you worry about the values? When the system is generating the values…[:)]

It will not allow you to have duplicate values…

Good morning Kranthi and thanks for your reply.

When I created my enum with 3 elements I noticed that the Enum value field was NOT read only and wanted to know if anyone ever overwrites the default value specified by AX.

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Yes - you can overwrite the default values…

can u plz let me know how to override that default value?!

Hi, Change the enumvalue property of element. Regards, Kuppusamy S

thanx kuppusamy :slight_smile: