Base class for Overriden Methods in AX Form


When i create new form in Ax(in AOT) , you can override methods (like closed, init , closedok , run , copy , cut etc…).So to which class all these methods belong that we can override . I guess they don’t belong to FormRun class.Can we able to see that class in AOT?


Manoj Parashar

Hi Manoj,

I believe this was discussed here before. Any way briefly - the methods that you mentioned are called Form methods; and these are available in ‘FormRun’ class. Typically ‘FormRun’ class contains methods like executing a form, to add data sources etc.

NOTE - only those methods in FormRun class that could be overridden are shown.

On another note, you might want to check all Form classes (classes that begin with Form*). More info in developers guide.

Hope this helps,