Base Ax 2012 Sales And Marketing Module.

Hi All,

I am not able to understand how number sequence is working for customer in “Base Ax 2012 Sales And Marketing Module”.

There is no such parameter is found in “Sales and marketing parameter”.

Please Help.

Are you talking about number sequence for “Customer account”?, if so, you will find it under AR>Parameters

Hi Moumita,

In every module we can setup number sequence at their respective parameters > number sequences (tab). But entire number sequence will be generated at Organization administration > Number sequence > Generate… It will open the Number sequence wizard and once we setup this… it will generate number sequence for all modules and assign automatically at respective modules. We can view these number sequence at each and every module parameters form or we can view all the number sequences (for entire modules) at Organization administration > Number sequence.

For sales & marketing module… we can view number sequence at sales & marketing > Setup > Sales & marketing parameters> number sequence.