Barcodes in AX 2009

I have placed the question in the developers fórum but no answer…

Hi everybody, We were asked to develop an interface where after reading some barcodes, a production order with batch and serial numbers should be created and reported as finished within Dynamics AX 2009. The site and product barcodes are GTIN labels, the batch number is determined by an SSCC label, and the serials by PTI label. Anyone with experience in these situation, is there any special consideration we should have? Any recomendation? Many thanks in advance, Héctor


Do you want to develop everything from scratch? We are using AX Anywhere with AX 2009. We have modified some functionalities. It works fine.

Some info on AX Anywhere:…/interview-with-dynamicsanywhere-joop.html

Yes Przemyslaw, we are thinking doing everything from scratch. I´ll do some research on DAW, thanks!