Barcode Scanner setup and integration into Dynamics AX 2009

Dear All,

Please help me setup and integrate Barcode scanner in Dynamics ax 2009. I am looking for a solution like invoking the item id just by scanning the barcode on the item for SO or PO.

What are all the prerequisites setups or customization needed to be done in AX???

Thanx in advance

Hi Kaushik

Use the Barcode of type Code 39 because they are most commonly used,read by almost every scanner and very easy to implement.

Add a appropriate report control and set up Font as BC39 3to 1 HD Wide and Font Size :36

Make sure you set the widht of the control is big enough.

Add this method for this control

Display str BarcodeShow()


return “"+strupper(InventTable.ItemId)+"”;


Hope it will help you.


Hi Ishak Kallil,

Thanks for the reply, i was able to generate the “BC C128 Narrow” barcode using the code.

Could you help me choose the barcode scanners commonly used or which supports AX???. Thanks In advance :slight_smile: