Barcode Printing

I am looking for a way to print barcodes out of Axapta. I specifically need to print an inventory part number, its barcode and the matching description. Is there an Axapta module that does this or does anyone know of an aftermarket module handling these issues?

Dear Dan If you are interested in a 3´rd part produkt. LaserNet Output Management could be a solution to look at, it can solve your barcode problem. Visit if this sounds interesting.

yes Dan u can print the barcodes It has been used in Production module /reports/Routes and in another report . we can create a same type of report in any module using the same functionality

Hi, Another 3rd Party Product - HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

One more third party solution - Create!Form from Bottomline Technologies.It prints barcodes, charts, logos and more.

Hi ,

We need to generate Bar code and print the same. In Basic Module i setup the barcode setup and link the barcode to item master and setup the dimension also.

From where can i view the barcode image or print the barcode serial no etc. When i try to print from the inventory management reports lables> serial no - it generate the report but it can view the reports

Please kind advice me where can i print that report


You need to create a customized report. I have created one as which display’s item name and id as shown below:


If you need it then please drop me an email at (email removed by admin)