Barcode printing - ZEBRA EPL TLP2844 USB

Hi, I want to print barcodes from navision using the ZEBRA TLP2844 EPL printer - USB. 1) Item number is the barcode 2) some item code start with 0(ZERO) according to the posts 2 ways to print barcodes from navision 1) simply install the font and use the font in the barcode text box - 2) To write a text file and print it the first option was again a failure for me. i have tried several fonts but wasn’t successful. when it comes to the 2nd we are still experimenting. But printing a text file to USB printer using DOS command seems to be bit difficult. Even the ZEBRA manual says we cannot use the DOS mode print to the USB model printer. So i am desperately looking for suggestions, navision objects, fonts, basically any form of help is greatly appreciated. thanks

I think Zebra printers provides a SDK to allow printing in another languages. You must create a COM objects wrapper to SDK to allow use it in Navision.


I also use zebra to print tags with barcodes on them. I use a third party app called Loftware. In Navision I write a simple text file with all my info i want on the tag and then save it to a specific file and then the loftware print server will read the text file and print the tag on the zebra. Check out Their support is first class also.

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We use Zebra printers here at work to print bar code labels. Every computer that prints the bar codes has to have the bar code font installed on them. Otherwise it just prints goofy !* stuff where the bar code should be.

We print the report right out of Navision with no third party software.

hi, thank you all for the valuable suggestions. i found a font using which i can print and scan the bar code. thanks again

… and the font is called? Where did you get it from? Was it free or it did cost x.x currency units? Please enlighten us [:D]

the font is IDAutomationHC39M.ttf. no cost attached to it…got it from a friend. i think it is available as download in one of the communities…this one or mibuso.


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