Barcode Printing in Nav 2015

Dear All,

Facing following issues in Barcode printing

Whenever we print barcode on Label it is not scanning but whenever we print the same barcode on plain paper it is getting scanned properly.

I tried using lot of barcode fonts but could not got succeed .

Anybody have any other solution kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe something wrong with your labels? Wrong paper?

Hey Erik,

Same labels paper is used and it is getting scanned when we print the barcode with Bartender software.

But it’s not happening with Navision 2015.

Strange! And you did apply same properties as when using “bartender”?

Yes All properties ,Font Size,Width,Height everything is same.

Can you see any visual difference when comparing the labels when printed from NAV or bartender? Or is it only the barcode scanners who can see it?


i had the same issue in one project. after many failed attempts with barcode fonts and other options, i tried the c# graphical library gencode.lib with awesome success.