Barcode C39 ..


When I look at barcode C39 for instance, there are various options like -

  1. BC C39 2 to 1 Narrow,
  2. BC C39 3 to 1 Medium etc.

Can some one tell me ‘2 to 1’, ‘3 to 1’ in the above fonts stands for?


Hi Harish,

This refers to the spacing between the bars in relation to the bar width. The bigger the ratio the wider the barcode. Heres a good explaination site

Hey, Harish, the first one refers to the N Dimension of code 39, i.e. the WIde/Narrow ratio,

so if you choose 2 to 1, it means your wide bars will be twice the width of the narrow one,

And the second “3 to 1 medium” refers to the N Dimension of the code 39, i.e. the same distance between each bars. That’s actually the relation between the distance and the narrow bar. See if make it “3 to 1”, the distance between each bars will be 3 times the width of a narrow bar in a code 39.

You an check on more information on code 39 size setting here

You might wanna try their barcode generator at

Free demo download and very easy to use too~~

Good luck on your barcode generating~