Bar Coding

Dear All,

Anybody know ,how to use barcoding with Navision…?



Yes. Now what do you want to do?

We use it for our Part Numbers. Main thing is every machine that prints the bar code must have the bar code font installed on their pc. Otherwise it doesn’t work. Then we print them out of Navision.

That sounds more like a statement than a question - do you have a question?

Thanks a Lot. Is there any relation between Barcoding and Serial No.s?


As standard no.

If you tell us the nature of the problem / request then we can help.


I have downloaded Barcodinng Report -Barcode128 and did some modifications in that.

While i am taking the Barcode Print, and reading into the system its not read in Navision.Why ??? Any solution?

I’d appreciate it if someone can answer this.
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Hi Salini,

Again you will have to give a more detailed description/example. Barcoding is such a generic term is like asking “Can software be used on windows?” and as Harry says “Yes. Now what do you want to do?”

What do you mean by “reading into the system”?


Actually i want to save Barcode Number into the corresponding Table.But I Can’t[:(]

Please Help

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are barcode number?

For example we have an items UPC code saved in the item table 012345543219.
Now I can take that number and show it as a barcode using a barcode generator or a barcode font.

Once it’s a barcode - I then can scan it with a scanning device.

So do YOU have barcoded fields and you want the Barcodes Info to be saved into a field?

Do you have a type of barcode you need to work with? Barcode 3of9, 128, etc etc?

Under the source expression of the field you want bar code for you need to add the codes to it.


‘!’ + ItemNo[1] + ‘!’


Yes, I got Barcode Print.But how to read a Barcode Printed character from that print into Navision Table.Whats the code for it?

I’d appreiciate it if someone can answer this


Hi Salini,

No code - just plug in a barcode scanner and when you scan it it will go into the active field. [;)]


I read Barcoded field from one Barcode Print (printed using Zeebra Printer).But I can’t read a Barcode value which is generated from Navision!!!

Please help…! whats the solution for this??

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Hi Redrose,

The barcode you are producing may not be scanable as different standards require different manulipation. e.g. Code 3 of 9 put a ‘*’ either side. What standard are you using?

I am using Code128 Standard.

Please tell me whats the manipulation code for this Standard.?

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Hi Rose,

You generally have to use a checksum routine with code 128. Follow the link below for a download with samples

Hi ,

I already downloaded the code 128 checksum routine . But my scanner is not showing Scanner can’t Read the Barcode generated by the ‘code 128 checksum routine’.

Please Help

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Hi Rose,

Did you read through the related post - there is a correction for the code

there are other examples as well e.g.

Hope this helps.

We use handheld scanners to read the bar code. You tell the scanner under set up what type of bar code your trying to read and it then reads it… We use 3 of 9 at work.