Bar Code

Hello, I want to transfer data to and from Navision with an other application. The application is on devices of read bar codes. Could someone recommand a posible scenarious? (use NAS or C/Front in C#…?) Cristina

Please give us more information about the other application. What is it reading (ex: item barcodes?) and what should be triggered in Navision (ex: Inventory adjustment). Is the other application based on a DBMS? SQL, Oracle, Access, Excel???

Hi, In the other application are reading the quantyties and item barcode. The process is like this: the items are received based on a Purchase Order which came form Navision into application, in warehouse are reading the item and quantyties and in Navision has to arrive the scan quantity on the Purchase Order. The other application is on SQL. thank’s

Ok, Few weeks ago, we made an integration very similar with a web based application (ASP/SQL) tracking the movement of inventory between warehouses. I suggest that you use SQL tables to interface with you external application. Here is an example: 1- Create a table called InvReception in SQL based on the information you need in Navision and you have in the other application. Navision will read from it. The fields will probably be: - PO Number - Reception Date - Item number - Variant Code - Location - Qty - Processed (boolean) - Processed date - etc. 2- Modify the other application to populate automatically this interface table (SQL trigger). 3- In Navision, build an automatic process (there is several way of doing this) to read this table, fill the reception line in Navision and post the reception. Don't forget to changed the value of the Processed field to TRUE. Tell me if you need additionnal information.

Thank’s! But, yes , I need additional information. This informations are linked with the way to do the process. I saw the process like this (but maybe is incorrect) 1. In Navison are created the purchase orders 2. The purchase orders must arrive in the SQL (in InvReception table). When the purchase orders is create it has be also in SQL, but how: -using code on Navision to insert in SQL -using a message via Navision Application Server and a job in SQL -using C/FRONT (but C/Front I never use and I don’t now how it works)? 3.Then came the process of scan. This process has to be syncronuhs in Navision and the other application.You say to build an automatic process and that are severals way to do this. But what are this ways? -to run a job scheduler in Navision all the time and have 1 session always open? -with a timmer to get the message form MS Mesage (but i don’t realy work with timmer) and use NAS? -C/FRONT?

Hi Christina, Probably the more simple way to do it is: 1) Build a codeunit, in Navision to read/write from/to the SQL tables. You can use Microsoft automation (Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6 Library’.Connection) 2) Build an automatic process to launch your Navision functions periodically. The best way to do it is NAS, but if you are running Navision standard (no NAS), here is what we usually do: - Build an invisible form with the the timer activated. (ex: 60 secs) - In the OnTimer trigger, put some code to launch your function - Every time a user connects to Navision, if the form is not running, run it. It will launch your function periodically, **only when** **a user is in the system**. That simple design is working fine for 2 of our customers. One of them has 16 interfaces points with another system, so we built a setup table giving the frequency for each function, history tables and error management tables. Please keep in mind that you should catch any possible error that could happen in SQL in your don’t want the user to receive error messages from SQL automation. Do not hesitate if you have any question…

Hi David, Thank’s. Probably I’ll have questions and I’ll ask you.I’ll came back soon.