Bar code issue in Navision 2016

Hi all i have made the report for lablel print just like striker on item report is ok but bar code is not readable by the bar code scaner …please suggest how to do the setting font etc for the task…please help…



Had this problem one time in Adobe Illustrator.

The barcode has to be 100% black. C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100 .

C=100,M=100,Y=100,K=100 is false

Don’t know if this can be made in Report Builder or Visual Studio.

Another link suggests to use 26pt as font size. Try this . . .…/unable-to-scan-barcode

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Did you put value For Striker (Text box) on Report ?

I faced the same issue and i use barcodelib for the same and it works fine for me
Check this link…/barcode-image-generation-library

Please just try with putting the expression of bar code text box inside a * symbol like this; = Barcode.Value
For me it’s worked…!!