Bank reconsilation

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I am new bee to navision .Could u explain what is Bank Reconsilation in navision. can u detail explanation.

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You use the Bank Acc. Reconciliation window to check the entries and the balance on your accounts against a statement from the bank.

The window contains a header, where you enter information about the bank account and the bank statement, and lines, where you do the actual reconciliation by entering and adjusting the posted transactions and the transactions on the bank statement until they agree with one another. When you are finished making adjustments, you must post the reconciliation.

If you have set up bank accounts in your program using the bank account feature, the Bank Account Reconciliation feature enables you to easily verify that your bank account records are in agreement with those of the banks at the end of a specific period.

The transactions on the bank’s statement must be entered on the reconciliation lines. You can choose to have the program fill in the reconciliation lines for you as a suggestion (see 4. below). This feature can also help you in posting the transactions recorded by the bank that you have not yet recorded. All the transactions on the bank’s statement must then be applied to the bank account or cheque ledger entries on the relevant bank account. When the bank reconciliation balances, you can post it.

After you post the bank reconciliation, the program creates a Bank Account Statement and inserts the ending balance of the bank account on the relevant Bank Account card. This allows you to keep track of all bank account transactions and maintain an updated file of your bank account statements in the program.

Even more information can be found in the help [:D]

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