Bank Reconciliation

I am running NAV Classic 2009 with SP1.

I can see my checks through the check ledger entry from the bank account, but from the bank reconciliation, I do not see any checks.

Why is that ?


Kindly tick on Include check whiile suggesting line.

If you put a tick mark on include checks it will display in BRS only vendor checks.

Customer checks will not display in Bank reconcilation because customer check will not effect in check ledger entry table.

If its wrong belive meā€¦

If you place a check mark in Include check then the entries will be brought from check ledger else it will bring them from bank ledger.

There is a column type in the bank reco. line which shows Bank Account Ledger Entry or Check Ledger Entry the entry has been inserted from in the lines.

Customer receipt entry are not inserted in check ledger entry table at all ( to my knowledge [A]).

If you want customer cheque no. in BRS,

must to do small customizationā€¦

or put customer cheque number in external document number field when posting from the cash receipt journal