Bank Reconciliation process

Hi All

I want to know the bank reconciliation process, as this is first time i am doing in AX 2009. The navigation which i found is :

Bank Module/Bank Account Details/ Function/Account Reconciliation

Form will open select new give the details then click the transaction, a form will open select the unreconcile, which give all the unreconcile bank transaction, put the check mark against the one which matches with the bank statement.

After that what we have to do i am not getting.

Please advise


Once all the transactions are reconciled then RECONCILE ACCOUNT button will be activated at top left corner of the form.

Just click this button and Reconciliation Process is completed

“Reconcile Account” button is disable.

The button “Reconcile Account” will enable when all selected transactions are reconciled.

In other words “Unreconciled balance field should show Zero”, then the Button will get active

but how can be the unreconcile amount b zero, like i am reconciling the May statement on 5 june, and in june i make the bank transaction that are not in the bank statment but they will be in th esystem.

Any comments experts

If selected transactions in Ax, matched (equal) with the transactions of bank statement, the unreconciled balance becomes zero. This is because all transactions in month MAY are selected by you, are also available in MAY month bank statement.

Hence unreconciled balance Zero

nothing to do with June transactions.

I am not able to balance to the Bank Statement as the Bank has made penny errors, how are you suppose to handle those in this process, I am .03 off from the statement as the bank has made transposition errors so I am not able to click the reconcile account?