Bank recon-no detail data showing next period

After reconciling a bank account, I reviewed the Test Report, which looked fine. I then processed the Print and Post, to post the reconciliation. I went on to begin the following month’s reconciliation, but there was no detail data to work with. When I got to the reconciliation screen, the reconcilation period properly incremented itself by one, the beginning bank balance was brought forward correctly, and I entered the ending balance in the appropriate field. I was hoping that the screen would be populated with oustanding transactions, plus the reconciliation month’s deposits and disbursements. Instead, the screen remained a blank [card]. Is there an extra step that I missed? Do I need to integrate, update, close or process additional information? Do I need to run another Trial Balance after completing one month, and before continuing onto the next? I have been using the Navision software for a very short period of time, but am learning quickly. I need to complete the bank reconciliations as quickly as possible, so that we can close the year and generate our Financial Reports. Thank you for your time and help.

Hope I understand you correctly… you should use the “Suggest Lines” process under the Functions button, this will suggest reconciliation lines based on you G/L entries… afterwards you can add and post additional entries, that are on you bank statement and not in G/L in the Adjustments tab. Saludos Nils


if u ve any bank interest or any other payments which does not occur in ur bank book & appear in bank statement… U should do the following…

under BRS… U ve functions options & under that u ve suggest lines & Transfer to journal. U select Journal & select the batch name & template name & make the necessary journal entry as if in the bank statement… make sure that before trasferring to journal there should be not any other journal entry which is not yet posted. Then it may overwrite. Now u post the journal & come back to BRS & apply entries & post… U get reconciled.

I hope u may get idea.




I am having the same problem as the person you responded to so I didn’t want to create another post, I have one difference I do not have the option “Transfer to Journal” I am on 3.7 version and very new to Navision.

I am really stuck and would appreciate any assistance.