Bank Rec 3.6 Not Printing

My client is just getting started with Bank Rec in Attain 3.6 and has tried the Post + Print option. It seems to post just fine, but it doesn’t print anything, anywhere. I had her check under G/L, Setup, Bank Accounts, Report Selections, and the Statement is set to report 10408. I had her go to the Object Designer and manually run the report, and she gets her reconciliation just fine. Has anyone run into this problem? I’m stumped. But then, Bank Rec in Attain pretty much stumps everyone I’ve spoken to… Thanks, - Jim -

Do you have any Improvements on the database…From memory, this might have been corrected in an early Improvement.

Hi, search the forum for ‘Post & Print’. There is a hotfix for fin.exe (as far as I remember Hotfix9). That might be your problem as well. Good luck.

Bank Rec in v3.60 has quite a few issues, most of which have been resolved as of 3.70 with US Improvments through 41 installed. The BR system was recreated in the US for version 3.60. Prior to this, the worldwide BR system was used and it was really a poor system for the US. So, the US BR system released in US 3.60 is really a version 1.00 product, and it behaves as such. You may want to check the Report Settings (G/L, Setup, Bank Accounts, Report Selections, Statments) and make sure that report no. 10408 is specified. It would also be a great idea to upgrade your end-user to 3.70. - Dave