Bank loans

Hello Everyone,
I am curious to find out if there is any functionality in AX 2009 which I might be overlooking that enables you to handle the details of individual bank loans. (Q1) Is there any way to set up a loan where you can report on the current balance owed to the individual lender or is that always normally handled outside of the system? (Q2) Is there then any way to set it up to automatically generate an A/P for the monthly payment which properly allocates the principle and interest portions of the payment? Everything resembling this seems to only apply to vendor invoices and payment fees but I’m not sure if there is an appropriate application for bank loans. (Q3) If not, any additional functionality in AX 2012 for this?
Thanks in advance for any feedback

Hi Jason,

I believe non of the feature exist in either 2009 or 2012. Only thing you can do is to create seperate ledgers for different loan account.

There are no feature of repayment schedule or auto interest calculation. You will need to customize all this.


Hi Pranav,

Thanks for the info.


Hi Jason,

I also want to monitor the bank loans in AX 2012. I’m using AX R2 now. Have you already find a way? Or any customizations you have done?