Bank Deposits not showing up in reconciliation

Using AX 2009. All of out AP checks going out are showing up in the reconciliation. However, none of the payments from clients are showing up in the reconciliation. We are posting them out of and into the same bank account. I don’t know if something is set up incorrectly or not.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.



did you ever find a solution to this problem?

We just hit the same situation yesterday and I’m quite at loss on how to clean things up.

Sorry for not being more helpful and thanks in advance if you have any input


After posting receipts from clients , go to particular bank and check transactions , both Dr and Cr transactions are dispaling or not. if both are displaying, then both transactions should display on reconciliation form.

No, I have not figured this out yet. It’s very frustrating.


In our case, I found out that a deposit slip had been wrongly created with a cash transaction type. This does not require reconciliation, but wasn’t easy to figure out.

Hopefully it may hint to a similar scenario on your side.