Bank Account creation in business Central with user access restrictions

I have a client who has a rather ‘personal’ request. I do not understand his objective with this request. I would like to know if the request is possible is Business central before engaging him for further discussions.

The client wants a bank account set up. The account should only be accessed by a limited number of users in the system and it should also NOT be reflected on financial statements.

Can this be achieved in Business central?

Without more information, I’ll give a qualified “yes”, it is possible. Using Security Filters in the permission set against the bank account line should allow you to prevent users without the correct permission from seeing the bank account.

Whether users can see the balance in the financial statements depends on how the posting codes are setup. If the transactions are intended to show on the statements, you would almost need every transaction to debit and credit the bank account. You might also need to add security filters to the Bank Ledger and General Ledger Entry tables to prevent users from seeing those transactions. This could be a little tricky. More info would be helpful once you talk with the client.