balance (LCY) field is empty in customer card on tab general

Dear All,
I don’t know if balance (LCY) or Balance field can be empty although
there were some sales order posted with option ship and invoice.
But when I navigate posted sales invoice, there are ledger entries
created like customer ledger entries, G/L entries, etc.I can
see the trasaction in the customer ledger entry only using navigate
function from posted sales invoice but not from customer card.
I created sales order in NAV. W1.4.02 (NAV. 4 sp2) database for customer
01121212 (cust. name:Spotsmeyer’s Furnishings).
Pls advice whether there are wrong entry or not. If I use other
customer no. it works good.


hmm, It’s been paid or the Bill to name on the Inv is another customer#

Uh, the balance works on the detailed customer ledger entries. Maybe something strange in there.

the Balance on Customer Card does come from Detailed Customer Ledger Entries…

So it could be either that customer has paid in full ( if that’s teh case you should still be able to drill down and look at the entries ) or bill to customer is different than the Sell to…

Savatage was right, in Cronus Cust no. 01121212 (Spotsmeyer’s Furnishings) was setup with Bill to Cust. No 01454545 (New Concepts Furniture).

MrGM1321 take a look at the Customer No. for the Customer Ledger entry that you see when you navigate.