Backup Solution for MS NAV Database

Hello again guys.

Could you help me about my problem…
We are currently / implementing the new system., but the real deal is im having a problem on how am i gonna backup my database on the new System (MS NAVISION). We also have a server running in a windows server 2008 r2 with Microsoft SQL server r2 standard stored in it.

You can take backup direct from NAV client. Open your NAV client then Tool->backup.

You can also setup your backup schedule directly in SQL Management Studio. This is something you can easily Google (SQL 2008 Backup or SQL 2008 Maintenance Plan) or that your NAV Partner can show you.

hi guys… does this backup from your link include the index of the database??

hi guys… does this backup from your link include the index of the database??

Again, if you’re on SQL 2008, you do not need an automated tool to backup your database. You can schedule your own maintenance plan with the tools provided by Microsoft very easily. I wouldn’t buy a separate solution.

Yep do as Matt said, we always use SQL Server standard backup. Safe , quick and does everything you need.


okei … but does this backup from SQL include the index of the database??

It is a full database backup.

Looks like Chris emphasizes several times the index backuping because he has previously used Navision’s own Backup/Restore tools, not SQL Server tools…

When using Navision tools, Restore procedure ALWAYS includes rebuilding of indexes, both with native DB or SQL DB, which in Restore form is referenced as Creating key blablabla. Usually it takes significantly more time, than restoring the data itself.

Chris - use MS SQL Server tools, as advised already, those are faster. Anyway, Navision backup tools will die together with native DB.

When you take a full backup, SQL Server essentially creates a 1-to-1 copy of the database, including all indexes (with their existing fragmentation) and data, not sure if statistics are included or not. The only thing that’s different is that if you have a database file that is 10GB, and there is only 5 GB of data, then your backup file will be 5 GB. When you restore the backup to another server though, and you accept the properties of the backup, it will create the same 10GB database, of which then 5GB is used for data.

By the way, I don’t know if you are aware of a wonderful help system that comes with SQL Server called “Books Online”, also known as BOL. Click Start, SQL Server, Documentation and Tutorials, and there it should be. Open the Search tab and enter “full backup” in the textbox. you’ll be amazed by all the information that is at your fingertips. It is a local help system and also provides online content, KB articles, community articles. VERY good stuff in BOL.