Background Colours on XP Machine

Does anyone know of this issue when Background colours on a form do not show correctly when using XP, unless you switch to Classic view? Is this just me or a setting on my machine or do other people get this problem. This is happening on a subform, column headings.[xx(]

Checked out partnerguide and it looks as though other people have encountered this, the standard reply looks to be that “This is a feature of XP and it is designed to overrule certain settings” They do however go on to say that there have been several anomalies reported and will be looking into it in the next version. oh well until then!!!

Andrew, Thanks for posting this… it is a trap for unwary players!!! Have spent ages trying to work out what I was doing wrong!!! Think it must be related to the 3.70 release as to make it even more confusing the 2.50 version I have of the same forms is displaying the Background Colours correctly. Thanks, V