Back Slash ( \ ) Converting to ascii char

i am facing a strange problem …in Navision Attain… on generation of a sales quote (report) Which has a combination of two or more back , front slash in between a text in an added field(Text)-Ref. No., the back slash is being converted in to an Ascii [Square box ]in the report Print preview. this happens for specific combinations… why is it so… whats wrong.?

In NAVISION the Backslash is the character to enforce a linebreak within a text-string:

Hello\World => Hello

So in your Report, the Backslash is interpreted as the ASCII-characters 13(CR) and 10(LF). I recommend to avoid using these characters in NAVISION … Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP Edited by - stryk on 2002 Jul 25 15:36:49

it should not make any difference … as far as i know because to confirm i tried all combinations and didnt get any square boxes … can u give me one example or one combination??? Lakshmi Valluru

Hi Lakshmi, When i was working with OutLook i got problem of Line break ,i wanted to insert line break by using \ with FORMAT function but instead of Line Break i got \printed, to get line break just define variable of typ CHAR and assign ASCII value(13) to that variable and use FORMAT function It Gives the result I think u will get Square boxes in text editor too, Have nice time Samee

Hi, to get line break just define two variable of typ CHAR and assign ASCII value(13) to one variable and ASCII value(10) to other variable and use FORMAT function. It will work perfectly and you will not get the square bracket which you were getting by using only ASCII value(13). Good Luck.